10th Anniversary diplomatic relationship between Japan and Cook Islands 2021


Welcome to Cook Islands specialty shop “KyoSpa5” in Kyoto Japan.

There are many Japanese people who don’t know about Cook Islands.

I’ve been there four times for work since 2016, and I’m not a tourist or a local resident. I would like to share my experiences with you all.✨

As a certified project to commemorate the establishment of diplomatic relations,“2021 Kyoto Japan, where you can experience the traditions and culture of the Cook Islands with all five senses” I’m introduced in videos, blogs, and SNS.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, I will mainly be posting on SNS,

We’ve made a video of how to recreate the local “traditional dish Ikamata” in Japan, and have you actually make it yourself!

I talked with the owner of Tivaevae, Rarotonga, Cook Islands, about traditional embroidered quilts over Zoom.

The traditional embroidery quilt “Tivaevae” was actually made using locally sourced basting thread…
We’are making “Tivaevae” embroidery experiences in the Spa.

This video is about traditional craft “Rito hat” traditional.

In addition, because we can’t go to abroad now.
I would be happy if you could experience a lot of things that you would like to experience in Kyoto.

I also talked with Cook Islanders athlete who participated in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

【Nice to meet you〜about Olympics】

【Cook Islands costume、Best dressed award 】

Interviewed Mr.Romani of FINA=Fédération Internationale de Natation

About All atoll in the Northern group of Cook Islands

Why eat tuna sashimi with wasabi and soy sauce in the Cook Islands, where there are no Japanese-owned restaurants!

and I finally talked about currently Cook Islands with Kana who has been living in Rarotonga for about 19 years and and her husband.

I talked with Mr. Tom Harrison who is from AITUTAKI about Maori languages.

Very similar sound Japanese and Cook Islands Maori

I asked to Rito Cook Islands that make Virgin Coconut Oils recommendation restaurant in Rarotonga

This video is “ AITUTAKI DAY tour”

You can watch with QR on smartphone.

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