Latest Reservation Status at KyoSpa5 Gaidaimae


Thank you always for your reservation from all over Japan.

Our Covid-19 policies

Normally, our customers will take our services at main store and Gaidaimae store but we might assign which store you will take depending on the situation.

We have been through on Covid-management below.
・Sanitise elevator buttons(Outer・Inner)

・Sanitise and Venitalize the entrance door and classroom by Ozonisers.(We change our uniforms depending on our customers but we are always smile under mask😃)

・Sanitise all equipments such as beds, sofas, tables, towls , toilet and washroom.

And you will not come across and see other customers.

You might not be allowed to take our medical treatments if you apply to the following case
• Those who have had a fever over 37.0 degree or had these condition ( Cough・Diarrhea including Upset Stomach) 1 month before the treatment day.
Also, those who have travelled overseas are not allowed to take our medical treatments.

Access to Kyospa 5

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Latest reservation status in August

10(Tu)9:30 am ・1:30 pm
11(Wed)9:30 am ・1 :30pm
12(Thu)9:30 am ・1:30 pm
13(Fri)1:30 pm
17(Tu)9:30 am ・1:30 pm
18(Wed)9:30 am ・1 :30pm
19(Thu)9:30 am ・1:30 pm
20(Fri)9:30 am ・1:30 pm
22(Sun)1 pm
23(Mon)9:30 am ・1:30 pm
24(Tu)9:30 am ・1:30 pm
25(Wed)9:30 am ・1 :30pm
26(Thu)9:30 am ・1:30 pm
27(Fri)9:30 am ・1:30 pm
30(Mon)1 pm
31(Tu)9:30 am ・1:30 pm


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Those who have registered our offcial LINE account prioritise waiting list and treatments in September .。

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Best Lymphatic diet 160 minutes


Beaty legs on High heels session 80 minutes


Aging Brest care 70 minutes

Access to Kyo spa5

Our customers visit us from all over Kyoto city and all the way from Hyogo, Osaka,Nara.Aichi,Mie,Gihu, even from Tokyo and the United States!.

We can help you with size reduction, beautiful legs, beautiful buttocks, neckline, arms, small face, cold, swelling, stiff shoulders, constipation, headache, back pain, and distortion.