“Namatamanuoil breast care “ from sagging breasts to ones that will fit bikinis


My name is Mari Yamashita, who specialises in comfy lymphatic diet after 30s.

One of the troubles our customers ask about the diet is sagging breasts.

・My breasts has gotten smaller on my own-style diet…

・My breasts got saggy and they are far from my ideal ones….

・I have had an experience when trying on that a shop staff said your bra’s position is low .

Problems like these about breasts are what everyone is worried about.

But you will not need do worry about such a thing anymore.

This is because we offer “Breast care with Namatama oil”


“Breast care with Namatama oil” flows stiff lymphatic nodes around breasts,soften them and raise up .

There is actually one thing that all customers taking the treatment have in their body in common.

It is …

Collarbone is soooo solid



This is the hard part !

If collarbone is solid, it is harder to secrete feminine hormones (:|

This is why “Namatamanu oil” will make solid collarbone softened and your breasts more attractive.


At first, I will have your arched back and distortion, which are the cause of sagging breasts, reset.


Then,I will loosen and massage your fat of upper arms and back and get and massage them back towards your breasts.


Look at this picture!!

The shoulder blade were invisible beneath the skin and there was a rounded shoulder before the treatment but after the treatment, shoulder blade came out and posture got better.


Look at the shoulder part

Upper picture Before → Lower picture after ( One session)

Under breasts which are hard to reduce downsize.

Moreover, we will slowly loosen up around back, where many neurons accumulate with a hot stone emitting infrared radiation onto a freezing body.

Anyway, this treatment with hot stones has been very popular as you feel good in both summer and winter .


At last, we will lift up your sagging breasts.


Breasts are made of 90 % of fat and 10 % of mammary gland.

You can not get beauty breasts if mammary gland are activated.

I will have your mammary gland activated and your breasts lift up by my technique.;)

This is a customer’s before and after the treatment.

This is only result of one session.


The first picture above(before ) is before the left breast.
The first picture above(after) is each side of breast after the treatment.

As you can see obviously, separated breasts come to centre and the upper breast posture gets in order.

In addition, you will also achieve beauty skin care by “Brown suger  scrub”。

It has been so popular since customers‘skin turns into baby’s one.;)


In the end, organising feminine hormone, the treatment will be finished with comfortable head massage.


We receive so many reviews from those who have taken “Breast care with Namatama oil”。

My boobs turned into beautiful~!

They look bigger!

No, they actually become 2 cup sizes bigger 😮

My bra is non-wired … but it does not move!!

And, it has been over ten years since I could see my shoulder blade and my shoulder gets thinner.

I want to wear a sleeveless dress and want to be more fashionable.

Anyway, I am around 50. 😉


Boobs are such soft ones!〜!

They are like round bulging like meat bun but the inside is like a pudding.

When I also put on my bra, it is like my north hemisphere was back again if I exampled them. lol

It did happen only for one session!

Because I would like to keep the new boobs, and I thought I would keep using the oil.;)


This breast massage surprised me a lot.

Something was stuck in my lymphatic nodes …. It hurt me first…but

It surprised me that I do not care about my sagging boobs anymore, in addition to which it surprised me more that my bra suits my boobs and there is no fat coming out from my armpits.

This “Namatamanu oil” has healing scent and softens boobs soI can not let go of it .



Relaxing spa oil
100 ml
It is lovely to reduce back fat and life breasts at the same time.;)

Please have the moving experience like that!!

This is the detail of “Namatamanu oil breast care”

Namatamanu oil breast care 70 minutes (10 minutes of foot bath included)

16500 yen(Tax excluded)

*Those who have nut allergy are unfortunately not allowed to take this course.

If you want to make your sagging breasts turn into ones that suit bikini, click here 😉

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