Downsizing your swelling and belly immediately!Beautiful legs and curve special course with Namatamanu oil

Kyoto nishikyogoku:My name is Mari Yamashita, who specialises in comfy Lymphatic diet after 30s.

Thank you for always taking our lymphatic diet courses.

We have a good reputation that you can get skinny legs and good curves there from our guests …

Good news for those who want to get skinny legs and curves more. ^^

There is a new upcoming Lymphatic diet which enables you to get skinny legs and curves more much faster than ever.!

This is the course specialised in beautiful legs and curves.


Namatamanu oil is …

Namatamanu oil is a beauty oil and it contains virgin tamanu oil used as tropical panacea, which makes the cold and stiff part of your body soften once you put it.



・Improve blood circulation and feeling warmer if you just put it
・This moisturising power effects under the dry skin
・Skin regeneration

As you see the above, it is good for your body.!!

I am sure that “This oil is the best for those who want to get beautiful legs and curves” since when you try this oil, it penetrates the skin quickly and changes it.


The original Lymphatic diet is usually in the following process.

1.Warm up
2.Loosen up
5.Make a body line

But Namatamanu oil already covers

1.Warm up
2.Loosen up

In this “Beautiful legs and curve special course with Namatamanu oil”, you can focus on the rest and take our service

5.Make a body line


This is why the result and effect of the finest Lymphatic diet accounts for 4 or 5 times of normal diet.!

For example, after the finest Lymphatic diet hard pelvis gets softer and the size gets down dramatically.


This course receives a lot of reviews from our customers who realised more downsizing than expected.
“I would like to downsize one or two more skirts and trousers. “^^

So, I am going to tell you about the outline of the course specialised in beautiful legs and curves.

1. Before the treatment, warm up the cold legs by footbath with essential oil which detoxifies and cleanse our bodies from the inside.
Ginger・Lemongrass・Rose marry・Jasmine etc 160-3-199x300
2. Then, massage back of feet by Namatamanu oil aimed for beauty legs.

Also, some of you image that your ideal legs are suitable for heel. But…Actually, some of you care about your legs that has got into the habit of shifting your balance and then standing because of pelvis distortion over years ….There are also many people who care about :・Swollen calf and thigh
・Cellulite on inside of legs
・Square butt and its clear and visible borderline
So, we found a new profound cellulite by using Namatamanu oil.!This enables deep cellulite and waste products to put in the lymphatic rubbish bin ( lymph node)and flow with it!!160-5Look at this picture.You can see the right knee alignment, getting rid of swelling of side and front of thighs and standing straight!!

o0480038913217427336This is only the one-time result of the treatment.

3. Getting your belly like swim ring downsized by Namatamanu oil.。


And during this treatment,” you feel warm from inside and so comfortable ^^” since far infrared comes out of bedrock bath sheet.


Some of them taking the course for skinny legs and getting a curve even almost feel asleep due to the high relaxation effect.。

We have got feedbacks from our customers. 。^^

A feedback from Dear K who took our treatment mainly for pelvis and around thighs.
I wore Uniqlo’s skinny trouser before pregnancy!!It was tight after child-birth and I still wear it but it has slid down over the a few days.

Then I realised my buttock cleavage exposed.!!and I feel that my whole but becomes smaller because there is a space above my sacrum.・・・

I can wear it even just after getting the trouser washed or wear it when shrank because I think they treated my pelvis well andI  would like to keep taking this treatment since I have a bad hip joint.


There is a feedback from our customer , O who cares about swelling of her both sides of thighs and her potbelly.
I am worried about swelling of her side of thighs and It has not changed and got more outstanding after childbirth….!!I was so frustrated since I could not wear trousers I wanted to take but once I get Ms Mari’s treatment and I was like,Where did it go!!!!?????I could wear the trouser just after the course and the butt shape changed!!This surprised me a lot and I thought I would keep using the oil. ^^^^

How about these??

Namatamanu oil, which brings surprising results and is used for slim legs and lymphatic diet, is actually an oil which has been praised by

not only therapists but also the other beauty professionals such as hairdressers, yoga instructors , nailists and fitness instructors . ^^





There are also many feedbacks from those who realise their new beaty legs and curves.

A feed back from Dear  N

I suffered from constipation from a long time ago.。

I have got better and curves since I took Mari’s belly massages ♪.♪

As I lost fat around my waist, My pain parts because of groin swelling.!

Until now, It took 20 or 30 minutes to get my annoying fat loosened ;O.

Thanks to Mari’s treatment, my legs get skinnier quickly ^^


A feedback from Ms N。

My legs feel so heavy due to office work but they got to feel so comfy and light after Maris treatment like ‘My legs were so swollen !” ^^

Also, I usually have shoulder aches but my shoulders even feel comfy!!

I would like to keep it by using Namatamanu oil. ^^

I no longer suffer from my potbelly!!!!


A feed back from Y.

I am clearly sure that it takes much longer to keep my body in shape after the last treatment!

Once I put Namatamanu oil and my body feels smooth and Mari’s treatment is really comfy! !!

It is as if her hands were in my belly through my thick skin!

I am satisfied with my downsize but can I be even more beautiful? haha

I am a super oil fan but I have never seen such an oil that softens your skin immediately.

am looking forward to me not 6 months later but next month.


A feedback from  Dear  T.

My left ankle was just solid but gets much softer by putting Namatamanu oil already before moving into my right ankle〜!!

My previous normal ankles got back by Mari’s god hands!

Where did the fat on my knee go?!!

I somehow said in front of the mirror “Is this mirror the same one as before the treatment? haha

I’ll keep using this oil to keep this line.〜♪

Like these, just 10 seconds later after you get Tamanu oil, you realise that your sense of touch is totally different from before.

I will use this valuable tamanuoil a lot for your legs and belly.

Also, you can also take the rest of the oil back home after the treatment.^^

Because there are plenty of the oils used for legs and bellies, this course specialised in legs and bellies then offers 2 oils (one is for the treatment, the other is new and for use at home)


Relaxing Spa oil



Natural balancing oil

I will tell you about how to self-care you need at home so you can keep your line by practicing it until your next treatment.


Please take this course for you who have been longing for beauty legs and curve ^^^^

This course specialised in beauty legs and curve 80 minutes ( including a 10 minute footbath)

is 24000 yen (tax excluded) 、


*Those who have nut allergy are unfortunately not allowed to take this course.

If you want to keep your beauty legs and curve, please apply here.^^

This will have been full in 2 months so you can be on a waiting list from the Newsletter bellow.。

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